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Preview: Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study Conference

The 101st Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study will be held in Chicago on April 28-30. Produced and planned by North Park University and the Center for Scandinavian Studies, the conference will take place downtown at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza. Registration for the event is open to the public. More information is available at the event website.

Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study

The Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study (SASS) was founded in 1911 as an association of individuals interested in cultural study of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. SASS objectives include promoting Scandinavian studies in the United States; encouraging original research on Scandinavian language, literature, history, culture and society by American scholars; and fostering relations between Americans interested in Scandinavian studies and their counterparts in the rest of the world. The journal Scandinavian Studies is published quarterly by the SASS.

Dr. Charles Peterson, Executive Director of the Center for Scandinavian Studies, was kind enough to provide me with an advance copy of the conference program. The three-day event features presentations on an impressively wide array of topics, ranging from “German & Scandinavian Connections” to “Language Pedagogy.”

Of the approximately 200 papers being presented, many are on subjects relevant to those with an interest in Norse myth. What follows is a list of scheduled papers on topics that may appeal to readers of the Norse Mythology Blog. If you are not able to attend the conference, never fear – the Norse Mythology Blog will be posting a series of reports on the event.

Nationalism, Science and the Search for Prehistoric Origins in Northern Europe
Laurence Hare, University of Arkansas

The Sword and Prestige Economy in Viking Age Ireland
Mathew R. Holland, University of Wisconsin

The Family Sagas and Medieval Scandinavian Colonialism in the British Isles
Marcus Cederström, University of Wisconsin

Juxtaposing Cogadh Gáedel re Gallaib with Orkneyinga Saga
Thomas A. DuBois, University of Wisconsin

“The Die is Cast”: Insight into the Production of Migration Period Gold Bracteates
Nancy L. Wicker, University of Mississippi

A Comparison of Carved Panels Found in Flatatunga and Bjarnastaðahlið
Erik Schjeide, University of California at Berkeley

Two Millennia Worth of Contact between Sámi and Others
John Weinstock, University of Texas at Austin

The Siida as Cultural Sieve: A Study of Traditional Mechanisms for Cultural and Religious Change Among the Saami
Céline Leduc, University of Ottawa

A Putative Sámi Charm on an Icelandic Spade: Runic Reception, Magic and Contacts
Kendra Willson, University of California, Los Angeles

Mary and the Skalds
Molly Jacobs, University of California at Berkeley

The Arrival and Implications of Literacy in Medieval Finland – Creating New Ties, Building a New Identity
Tuomas Heikkilä, University of Helsinki

Haustlöng as Harvest Poem
Carl Olsen, University of California at Berkeley

Cultural Memory in the Mythology
John Lindow, University of California at Berkeley

Jötnar and Dvergar in the Real World
Merrill Kaplan, Ohio State University

Trolls, Monster Masts, and National Neurosis: André Øvrelid’s The Troll Hunter (2010)
Ellen Rees, University of Oslo

“To Bind This to the Thigh of a Woman in Childbirth . . .” Reading Oddrúnargrátr in the Context of Healing and Magic
Verena Höfig, University of California at Berkeley

“…Everyone Remarked How Stately She Still Was”: Images of Old/er Women in the Icelandic Family Sagas
Rose-Marie Oster, University of Maryland

Probably Morphology: Automated Morphological Mapping and Probability Bases Tagging in Old Icelandic
Kryztof Urban, University of California at Los Angeles

Network Analysis of Collocates: Giants and their Friends
Zoe Borovsky, University of California at Los Angeles

Facebook for Vikings: Social Network Analysis and Egils Saga
Timothy Tangherlini, University of California at Los Angeles

Folk Costume 2.0 – National Symbols and Politics of Identity
Anna Blomster, University of California at Los Angeles

Computational Approaches to Nordic Literature and Culture
Peter Leonard, University of California at Los Angeles

Dangerous Liaisons: Faceted Browsing and the Danish Folklore Archive
Peter Broadwell, University of California at Los Angeles

Putting Virtual Flesh on Extant Cultural Bones: Computational and Visualization Tools for Placing Medieval Cultural Expressions in Context
Carrie Roy, University of Wisconsin

The Hand Loom as Medium for Modern Design – Scandinavian Weaving in the United States, the Case of Cranbrook
Leena Svinhufvud, Helsinki University / Design Museum Helsinki

The Evolution of Scandinavian Folk Art Education within the Contemporary Context
Mary Etta Litsheim, University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development (CHED)

Rocking Folk Music: Gåte’s Reinterpretation of Norwegian Folk Music
Heather Short, University of Washington

A Change of Face: Yet Another in the Unending Explorations of Possible Syncretistic Shape-Shifting Imagery in and Around the Volsunga Saga, this Time with Feathers
M.A. (Shelly) Nordtorp-Madson, University of St. Thomas

Image, Identity and Ownership: Representations of Norse Gods in Popular Culture and Social Media
Helga Hlaðgerður Lúthers, University of Colorado

Misinterpretatio Romana and Interpretatio Germanica Planetaria
Jim Ogier, Roanoke College

Marginalia and Female Readership of AM 235 fol.
Natalie Van Deusen, University of Wisconsin at Madison

From Grandmas to Moms to Sons: The Maternal Way to Compile a Manuscript in Seventeenth-Century Iceland
Susanne M. Fahn, University of Wisconsin at Madison

The Waiting Game: Plotting Vengeance in the Íslendingasögur
Nichole Sterling, University of Michigan Law School

A Family Affair: An Introduction to the Study of Sweden’s Medieval Ballads
James Massengale, University of California at Los Angeles

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