Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Art Contest – Kid Winners, Midsummer 2013

We received many wonderful entries for the first-ever art contest at The Norse Mythology Blog. The kids’ category had the most submissions, and the judging panel really had to spend some time considering how to rank these fantastic works of art. I would like to thank my two celebrity judges for their help with the contest. Boo Cook (2000 AD, Judge Dredd Megazine) and Richard Elson (The Mighty Thor, Journey Into Mystery) are not only two of my favorite comic book artists, they're also both wonderful and caring people.

Congratulations to the three winners! We all agreed that these were the best of a very strong group. The assignment was to create a piece that was on the theme of midsummer and contained at least one element from Norse mythology. These young people did so in very creative ways. Great work!

All three of our winners in this age group are from Cathy Yeoman’s group of Class 4 kids in Victoria, Australia. She’s been teaching Norse mythology to the students this year, and the excellent job she’s doing sure shows in the creative work her kids have done. We need more teachers like her!

Note: You can click on the art to see larger versions.

Sheoaka F.
Age 10
Briar Hill, Victoria, Australia

“In my picture, Thor is lighting the midsummer bonfires and the people are dancing around fires. One side of the picture is day, and the other is night. All the gods and goddesses are looking down from Asgard, enjoying watching the people celebrating midsummer.”

First Place: Sheoaka F.

Luke H.
Age 10
Briar Hill, Victoria, Australia

“My picture is of Hugin and Munin, the ravens of Odin, flying over Midgard and the midsummer festivities. They’ll take news back to Odin.”

Second Place: Luke H.

Emma H.
Age 10
Briar Hill, Victoria, Australia

“Nidavellir: the dwarves of Midgard are celebrating Midsummer Eve with a fire, which they all gather around.”

Third Place: Emma H.

Teen winners will be announced tomorrow!


Rebekah said...

All of the kids did an awesome job! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

So cute. Love to see the children learning about something worthwhile - Norse Mythology!

Cathy said...

I agree Rebekah. I loved the enthusiasm they showed for the competition which was born out of their passion for Norse Mythology and Vikings.

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