Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Art Contest – Teen Winners, Midwinter 2019

The teenagers are missing! Back in the 2015 Midsummer Art Contest, we only received one teen entry and awarded her first place. Despite receiving a very large number of adult entries in this year's Midwinter Art Contest, we again had only one entry from an artist between the ages of thirteen and nineteen.

With respect for all the thought and work she put into it, this year's three judges have decided to again feature the painting submitted by our lone teenage artist.

I'd like to thank my fellow judges Liam Sharp (comics artist for 2000 AD in the UK and a great many Marvel and DC titles in the USA) and Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir (Iceland's "friend of the elves and huldufolk"). I greatly appreciate the time that they have volunteered to rank and comment on the entries in all three age divisions. This contest would not be possible without their generosity and kindness.

The assignment was to create a piece that somehow related to the character and myths of the god Odin and the celebration of midwinter. This teenage artist created a wonderfully evocative work that expresses the feeling of both the deity and the season. Congratulations!

Note: You can click on the art to see a larger version.

Gwendolyn Reynolds
Age 13
Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Gwendolyn describes her painting: "This is Odin. He is sad, and it is in the winter. I'm sure you recognize him and his friends. It is snowing, and his crown sparkles. His skin shows that it is cold outside."

The darkness of Odin's eyes is truly hypnotic. The symmetrical structure of the piece is quite striking, and I love how Gwendolyn made the snow really pop out from the painting's surface. Fantastic work!

Liam writes, "What a charming painting! I love the colors and Odin's expression. He does look cold!"

Ragnhildur comments, "One can sense the cold and loneliness in the dark northern wintertime in this picture. Even though Odin has his two raven companions, it is easy to feel the cold and darkness. The two ravens give a good sense of comfort, though, sitting there with the god to help him endure winter. Now the sun will shine a bit more every day, and life becomes easier."

First Place: Gwendolyn Reynolds

Adult winners will be announced tomorrow!

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